LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Here are the top 10 results in multimedia in the over 175,000 circulation category of the Associated Press Sports Editors 2016 contest (winners listed in alphabetical order):
Top 10
Joe Fox, Los Angeles Times
Joe Fox, Ryan Menezes and Armand Emamdjomeh, Los Angeles Times
Christoph Fuhrmans, Jim Luttrell, Anh-Thu Huynh, Rumsey Taylor, Sam Manchester and Josh Williams, New York Times
Michael Hogue, David Moore, Damon Marx, Brian Elledge, Vernon Bryant, David Guzman and John Hancock, Dallas Morning News
Nick Klopsis, Matthew Cassella, TC McCarthy, Mark La Monica and James Stewart, Newsday
Pim Linders and Keith Carter, USA Today
Tim Meko, Denise Lu, Bonnie Berkowitz and Lazaro Gamio, Washington Post
Matt Pepin, Laura Amico, Elaina Natario, Russell Goldenberg and Anush Elbakyan, Boston Globe
Dave Sheinin, Jayne W. Orenstein, Dani Johnson, Emily Chow and Chiqui Esteban, Washington Post
Staff, New York Times


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