The kids are savvy these days, and ambitious. Not a bad combination.

Two of this year’s APSE Scholarship winners turned the conversation to the possibility of internships soon after being told they would receive one of the four $1,500 awards. No doubt the other two thought about that after hanging up.

The 2009 winners are:

Cash Kruth
Tyler Lockman
  • Taylor Kanen, George Fox University in Oregon.
  • Cash Kruth, Michigan State
  • Tyler Lockman, Arizona State
  • Matthew Payne, Brigham Young

Former APSE President Mike Fannin established the scholarship and a committee was established to develop criteria and select winners.

The selection group consisted of Bill Bradley (Sacramento Bee), Judy Connelly (Scranton Times and Tribune), David Sell (Philadelphia Inquirer), Mike Sherman (The Oklahoman), Joe Sullivan (Boston Globe), and Charlton Thompson (Houston Chronicle).

We picked our winners from 16 applications. Our goal for 2010 is to increase that number as we strive to award these scholarships to the most deserving student journalists we can find.

Editorial comment: Wouldn’t it be great to have multiple applicants for scholarships who would earn internships at our news organizations? Some day it will happen.