By Kwani Lunis

The 2018 keynote luncheon encapsulated the spirit of service from those who have left legacies.

The keynote itself featured two broadcasters who have dedicated their voices to Tennessee sports – Pete Weber, the voice of the Nashville Predators, and Mike Keith, voice of the Tennessee Titans. Joe Rexrode, columnist at The Tennessean, hosted the Q&A.

Both speakers talked of the early years of professional sports in Nashville – both teams began 20 years ago. The duo told stories beginning with the Music City Miracle to the Stanley Cup run of 2017.

Keith and Weber shared their wisdom with young broadcasters looking to break into the industry. Weber mentioned investing in a digital recorder and using it to practice their broadcasting. Keith followed by emphasizing students “can’t be afraid to be critiqued” because that is where the growth begins.

Before the Q&A began, Colleen Berninger, wife of former and longtime APSE executive director Jack Berninger, became the second recipient of the “Berny award” for her service to the Associated Press Sports Editors.

“It was a way to recognize Jack for his career of service to the organization. His wife, Colleen, was at his side every year,” APSE President Jeff Rosen said. “She’s been at the check-in table for as long as I can remember.”

Jack Beringer, the inaugural winner, was “floored” when Rosen told him his wife would be this year’s honoree. He proudly explained, “I actually was more emotional about that, when he told me, than when I was given the award last year.”

Colleen shared how during their commute to Nashville she kept asking Jack how he thought they would choose this year’s winner. Jack later explained how hard it has been to keep quiet about but she still jokingly teased him for how good he had been at keeping the secret from her.


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