APSE President Todd Adams announced the launching of a new website, redsmithaward.com.

The site is dedicated to celebrating previous winners of the APSE Red Smith Award, which is considered the most prestigious award in sports journalism.

Adams said the site will include news about the award, such as when the nominating process and voting has started. It will also include full profiles on previous winners.

“It is far from a finished product at this point,” said Adams, sports editor of the Raleigh News & Observer. “There are still a few stories that need to be written. And gathering content, such as photos and video and famous stories from past winners, will be an ongoing process. But a lot of people worked hard to help provide content for the site and we wanted to get it started.”

Sandy Rosenbush was last year’s Red Smith Award winner.

The site is currently linked off the APSE website’s homepage.

Adams said a lot of people have already helped gather content for the site, including last year’s Diversity Fellowship class — Jenni Carlson, Norma Catalina Gonzalez, Eric Jackson, Nicole Saavedra and James Williams. And many others volunteered to write profiles on past winners, including Pat Obley, Dennis Rudner, Johanna Huybers, Emily Leiker, Robert Gaglilardi, Stephanie Kuzydym, Matt Traub, Ben Brigandi, Chris Boan, Jason Wolf and Gidal Kaiser.

The site was paid for, built and donated to APSE by Adams, who also plans to maintain it.

“I’ve been working on it for a little over a year,” he said. “I wanted to have something that, after my term as an officer is ended, I can still work on as a way to continue to contribute to APSE. This award is a huge part of APSE’s history and we didn’t really have a place where it was properly displayed. So I felt like this would be a perfect way for me to give back to the organization.

“And I’m open to suggestions on how to improve it. I’m not a web designer, so I did the best I could in building it. But if there are folks that can help make it look better I’m more than open to listening.”

Adams can be reached at toddadams52@hotmail.com.


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