The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to cancel our summer conference in Indianapolis, our regional conferences traditionally held in the spring, and our commissioners meetings in New York, also annually held in the spring.

But it has not even dented the importance of this organization.

APSE mattered before the pandemic. APSE matters now. We serve our members in person, and when we can’t, by all other means possible.

From our mission statement at


We are all stronger when we are of service to each other, which is especially important as we navigate through today’s fast-moving, digital-first challenges and opportunities while continuing to publish print editions worthy of our rich journalism legacies.

At APSE, we provide training and networking opportunities at our national and regional conferences, and throughout the year. We recognize great work through our acclaimed annual contests.

Every generation of sports editors and sports journalists benefits.


We will not gather in Indianapolis as previously planned, so we will gather instead for a virtual summer conference on June 26.

We may not see each other in person until Orlando in February, but we remain here for every member with guidance, advice, ideas and solutions. 

Our work goes on.


President Todd Adams
First Vice President Lisa Wilson
Second Vice President Gary Potosky
Third Vice President Dan Spears
Conference Coordinator Glen Crevier
Executive Director Bill Eichenberger


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