Although the coronavirus pandemic has forced APSE to cancel the previously planned summer conference in Indianapolis in June, it’s important that APSE retain its prominent place as the leading organization in sports journalism.

Therefore, we will hold a virtual summer conference via Zoom on Friday, June 26, from noon to approximately 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

All members are invited to attend any and all parts of the conference. 

While there are details to be worked out, here is the working agenda:

  • Opening remarks by president Todd Adams, which will include a roll call of the current officers and committee updates
  • Executive Director Bill Eichenberger delivers an updated financial picture for the organization, triple crown plaques and winners’ certificates
  • Conference Coordinator Glen Crevier offers his conferences update
  • APSE celebrates the Diversity Class of 2020
  • Todd and the current office-holders — First Vice President Lisa Wilson, Second Vice President Gary Potosky, and Third Vice President Dan Spears — join Todd in hosting a Q and A with all membership in attendance
  • Todd makes his outgoing president remarks
  • Todd announces that Lisa is officially APSE’s new president, Gary is APSE’s new First Vice President, Jorge Rojas is APSE’s new Second Vice President, and Steve Hemphill is APSE’s new Third Vice President.
  • Lisa delivers her incoming president remarks.
  • Gary hosts a panel on what’s next for our industry as we and the leagues and sports we cover dig ourselves out of all this
  • Lisa makes a few closing remarks, and the new officers will take remaining questions for those still in attendance.

Members should be on the lookout for an email in the coming weeks with a more precise itinerary and information on how to join the event on Zoom.

Feel free to reach out to Todd, Lisa, Gary, or Dan with questions.

We hope we see all of you that day

President Todd Adams
First Vice President Lisa Wilson
Second Vice President Gary Potosky
Third Vice President Dan Spears
Conference Coordinator Glen Crevier
Executive Director Bill Eichenberger


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