The National Sports Content Sharing Network that Roy Hewitt started will continue after his retirement last week from the Plain Dealer.
Reid Laymance, sports editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, will take over the point role for interested sports editors. The big change is that material will be shared through AP Exchange, which many papers already use for their wire content.
As a refresher, here's the quick background on the network and its benefits.
The sharing system was based on a model that several Ohio papers were using to add content, save travel money, etc. They would post their stories to a private website where they could be used as needed by members. The only catch would be that papers would not post another paper's full story on the web, and instead would link back to the original site so it could get the web traffic.
Among the many papers involved in the original NSCSN — and among its regular contributors — were the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Atlanta Journal Constitution, New Orleans Times Picayune, Minneapolis Star Tribune, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and others.
The new relationship with the Associated Press and the AP Exchange website is designed to make the filing and sharing easier.
For information on joining and how to share, contact Reid at