We appreciate all our members do for our organization, and we’re excited about the year ahead.

The deadline to pay your annual APSE dues is fast approaching. Thanks to those who have already paid.

Meeting our Nov. 30 deadline enables us to proceed with contest preparation and determine the cutoffs for categories (the top 25 percent in circulation compete in Category A, the second 25 percent compete in Category B, and so on).

Go to the Join APSE tab on this website to pay dues. Remember to fill out the information needed for the online directory in addition to paying via Paypal.


Division A

  • 90,000 and over
  • stand-alone websites with more than 2 million unique monthly visitors
  • wire service individuals

First member: $325
Each additional member: $75

Division B

  • 35,000-89,899
  • stand-alone websites with 750,001 to 2 million unique monthly visitors

First member: $250
Each additional member: $75

Division C

  • 15,000-34,999
  • stand-alone websites with 250,000 to 750,000 unique monthly visitors

First member: $175
Each additional member: $75

Division D

  • 14,999 and under
  • stand-alone websites with under 250,000 unique monthly visitors
  • weekly newspapers

First member: $115
Each additional member: $50


First member: $150
Each additional member: $75

Student Chapter Adviser

Each member: $100


Each member: $25

Writers Wing

Each member: $50
Non-APSE member organizations: $75


Each member: $30

Associate Member

Each member: $395

Contact Executive Director Bill Eichenberger at billapse707@gmail.com if you have questions.