The Denver Gazette is seeking a reporter to cover the Colorado Rockies and assist with coverage of the Denver Broncos. This position requires someone with the ability to develop sources, break news and write with speed, clarity and accuracy. Our Rockies reporter will need to produce stories for the casual fan and the loyalists who study baseball metrics.

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The ideal candidate will possess a strong social media presence, and will always be looking for new ways to connect with baseball fans through media platforms. The ability to speak multiple languages (Spanish) is an added bonus.

Duties and responsibilities:

* Break news on a competitive beat. Accurately report breaking news as it happens. 

* Build a range of sources throughout MLB (coaches, players, agents and league officials)

* Write analytically for fans looking for a deeper dive into sports and results

* Spot trends on and off the field. Take national topics as they relate to the Rockies. Offer story ideas but also take assignments


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