By John Bednarowski

APSE Second Vice President

Dirk Chatelain of the Omaha World-Herald won first place in the Associated Press Sports Editors 2016 contest in the Projects category for the 75,000-175,000 circulation division.

Chatelain won for his project on former Nebraska punter Sam Foltz. The winner in each category will receive a plaque at the 2017 APSE Summer Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans June 26-29. (Click here to register for the conference.) The banquet and awards dinner will conclude the APSE Summer Conference, which takes place June 26-29 at The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.

John Vogl of the Buffalo News placed second. Gregg Doyel, Curt Cavin, Will Higgins, Zak Keefer, Matt Glenesk of the Indy Star finished third.

Sports editors in the 75,000-175,000 category submitted 21 Projects entries. The contest is open to APSE members. Click here to join.

Contest chair Jeff Rosen and fellow APSE officers Tommy Deas, John Bednarowski and Robert Gagliardi numbered each entry, assuring they had been stripped of headlines, graphics, bylines and any other element that would identify the writer or news organization.

In February, preliminary judges at the APSE Winter Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and off-site around the country, selected a top 10, with each judge ranking the entries in order from 1 to 10 separately on a secret ballot. Entries were given 10 points for a first-­place vote, nine points for second and so on down to one point for a 10th­-place vote. The final 10 were given to a second judging group, which ranked the entries 1-­10 in the same fashion. The winner and final rankings are determined by tallying the ballots.

The Projects category judges a  Collection of articles that sheds new light on personalities and issues in the news, including trends and original ideas.

The top 10 is listed below, with links to writers’ Twitter pages, APSE member websites and winning entries.

  1. Dirk Chatelain, Omaha World-Herald 63 points (4 first place votes)

Sam Foltz’s best friends, nephew share hugs, memories of Husker punter
Thanks to exchanges with Fake Bo Pelini, Nebraskans got to know the real Mike Sadler

Chatelain: Tribute to native son Sam Foltz provides a memory for life
Chatelain: Sam Foltz’s family and Nebraska teammates give one another a lift

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Foltz…

  1. John Vogl, Buffalo News 60 points (1 first-place vote)

Former Sabre Mike Robitaille and 103 other former hockey players sue NHL

16 ex-Sabres among 104 fighting to force NHL to pay for medical care for post-concussion symptoms
No easy answers in concussion suit

Giving up the game a difficult choice for concussed NHL players

  1. Gregg Doyel, Curt Cavin, Will Higgins, Zak Keefer, Matt Glenesk, Indy Star 49 points

Doyel: Why we love the Indy 500

Dave MacDonald’s crash: ‘When your mom cries you cry, right?’

Sculptor’s hands all over Borg-Warner Trophy

Trip Down Victory Lane: Al Unser Jr. faced demons, looks forward

Trip Down Victory Lane: Tom Sneva still on the gas

The legend of the notoriously deadly Jungle Park Speedway

Doyel: The most infamous pace car in Indy 500 history

Donald Davidson: The biggest fan of the Indy 500 there ever was

25 years ago: Predicting what 100th Indy 500 would look like

Insider: Who is most important Indy 500 figure?

  1. Staff, Louisville Courier Journal 46 points (1 first-place vote)

24 hours at Churchill Downs

5. J. Brady McCollough, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 38 points (1 first-place vote)

From 10 to Ben

  1. Kirk Bohls, Brian Davis, Kevin Lyttle, Suzanne Halliburton, Ryan Autullo, Austin American-Statesman 34 points

Examining the Big 12’s options: Expansion? Stand pat?

12 hot-button questions that surround Big 12 expansion, conference realignment and the addition of a title game for football

Big 12 schools and expansion: What’s in it for them?

Big 12 expansion: Every conference wants its network to be must-see TV
Big 12 expansion: Adding a conference title game is about more than than money

Big 12 expansion: Cincinnati is putting its best Power 5 claw forward

Big 12 expansion: BYU aims to be conference’s pick to click

Bohls: Cougar High? More like hi, Cougars — Houston deserves a Big 12 glance

Bohls: For the Big 12, will it be more Texas-OU fight or flight?

Texas president: Big 12 expansion case ‘has to be a strong one’

  1. Matt Calkins, Katie G. Cotterill, Greg Gilbert, The Seattle Times 33 points.

Seahawks running back Zac Brooks designed my living room

  1. Ryan O’Halloran, Chambers Williams, David Bauerlein, Florida Times-Union 28 points

With Jags’ foundation secure, owner looks toward success on the field

Jags owner has built value over five years with a focus on fans

Five years in, Jaguars owner Shad Khan sees more wins for his ‘hidden gem’

  1. Ed Graney, Bartt Davis, Ashton Ferguson, Ron Kantowski, David Schoen, Todd Dewey, Mark Anderson, Damon Seiters, Las Vegas Review-Journal 19 points

Recruiting Game: Recruiting evolves from simple to complex in Information Age

Recruiting Game: Financial aid agreement gives athletes more flexibility than letter of intent

Recruiting Game: Small colleges provide scholarship options for athletes

Recruiting Game: Gender equity issues challenge UNLV administrator

Recruiting Game: NCAA toughens academic standards, says ‘2.3 or take a knee’

Recruiting Game: High schools no longer are coaches’ focal point

Recruiting Game: Rancho’s Gianna Carosone’s scholarship came at a cost

Recruiting Game: Rankings don’t always tell the whole story

Recruiting Game: Social media adds new dimension
Recruiting Game: The rich continue to get richer

  1. Adam Zuvanich, St. Louis Post-Dispatch 15 points

Past its time? Urban baseball struggles to make a comeback

Instruction, field quality critical issues for urban baseball players



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