APSE's Diversity Day at the Scripps Howard School of Journalism on the campus of Hampton University will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

This is the fifth year for the program in which APSE members participate in a day of learning targeted for students at Hampton.

Nick Mathews of the Houston Chronicle will moderate a panel discussion with Mary Byrne of USA Today, Andi Petrini of the Daily Press, Robert Klemko of USA Today and APSE president Gerry Ahern of USA Today Sports. The topic is life without a newspaper.

APSE first vice president Tim Stephens of CBS Sports Interactive will be joined by Ron Fritz of the Baltimore Sun for a second presentation. Students will learn how to compete in the jobs marketplace.

Students will be given assignments to cover the event and will produce content on different platforms. Visting professionals will help students produce a final presentation.

Two students from Hampton will receive paid internships this summer ($3,000 stipends for 10 weeks/35 hours per week; with a $500 follow-up scholarship) thanks to a partnership with the Scripps Howard Foundation. Before starting the internship, the two students will go through a journalism boot camp at Missouri thanks to a partnership with Sports Journalism Institute.

The Washington Times and the Kansas City Star are the two APSE members selected to receive the interns.

The Virginian-Pilot, Houston Chronicle, The Palm Beach Post, Asbury Park Press, Sacramento Bee, Riverside Press-Enterprise, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and Baltimore Sun have been host newspapers previously.

The cost of the lunch has been covered with the financial support from The Daily Press, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginian-Pilot, USA Today and Washington Times.

Guest list professionals attending:

Gerry Ahern, director of news content, USA Today Sports

Mary Byrne, sports managing editor, USA Today

Robert Klemko, NFL reporter, USA Today

Tim Stephens, assistant managing editor, CBS Interactive

Nick Mathews, sports editor, The Houston Chronicle

Mike Harris, sports editor, Washington Times

Ron Fritz, head of sports, Baltimore Sun

Tom White, sports editor, Virginian-Pilot

Steve Trosky, sports editor, Richmond Times Dispatch

Marisa Porto, vice president of content, Daily Press

Andi Petrini, sports editor, Daily Press

Rob Ostermaier, photographer, Daily Press

Lynn Burke, online sports manager, Daily Press

Phil Kaplan, sports editor, Knoxville News Sentinel