The Wisconsin State Journal, the state’s leading newspaper for coverage of University
of Wisconsin sports, seeks a full-time columnist to provide commentary and analysis on
the world of sports in Madison and beyond. This columnist must be able to write timely
and compelling columns on tight deadlines; produce unique content for multiple Web
platforms; and deliver insight and opinion on a wide range of local and national sports
topics, with an emphasis on the Badgers and the Packers.

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The successful candidate will be well-versed with social media, able to engage readers
through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, live chats, podcasts and video. In addition, the
successful candidate will have a strong understanding of journalistic ethics, AP style,
accuracy, sports rules and concepts, statistics-keeping, interviewing skills and
relationship-building with sources.

To be considered for the position, applicants must have at least three years of
experience as a sports columnist. Applicants must apply online; no phone calls or
emails, please.

In addition to a resume with references, please provide five samples of your sports
columns, and a cover letter answering the following questions: What have you done to
increase creativity as a sports columnist? What have you done to engage your
audience? What unique skills make you the ideal candidate for this position?
The application deadline is July 15.



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