APSE members,

On Saturday, Oct. 2, after 10 days posted on the website for review and comment by the general membership, per the by-laws, the executive committee will vote on this proposal by its national officers.

Email any feedback to APSE president Gary Potosky at gpotosky@inquirer.com.

To have our dues payment structure better account for the drastic decline in print circulation and more closely mirror the more even distribution of members in all four contest circulation categories, APSE’s national officers are proposing this change.

Currently, the dues are based on the following print circulation chart:

  • Division A: 250,000 and over, or 2 million monthly uniques and over ($325 primary, $75 secondary)
  • Division B: 100,00-250,000, or 750,00-2 million monthly uniques ($250 primary, $75 secondary)
  • Division C: 40,000-100,000, or 250,000-750,000 monthly uniques ($175 primary, $75 secondary)
  • Division D: 40,000 and under, or 250,000 and under monthly uniques ($115 primary, $75 secondary)

Here’s the proposed new breakdown:

  • Division A: 90,000 and over
  • Division B: 35,000-89,999
  • Division C: 15,000-34,999
  • Division D: 14,999 and under

Based on last year’s member organizations, here are the number of dues-paying members in each division:

  • Division A: 11
  • Division B: 38
  • Division C: 22
  • Division D: 92

That is compared to last year’s contest breakdown, in which we divided the membership into four evenly split groups.

  • Division A: 41
  • Division B: 40
  • Division C: 44
  • Division D: 43

We are suggesting a new structure modeled after the more evenly split contest breakdown. The fees for primary and secondary members will remain the same in each category, as will the fees for all other member categories. The monthly uniques numbers will be used to determine membership dues only for online-only members. All other members will pay dues based on print circulation.

If APSE dues last year had followed this new suggested payment structure, income from membership would have increased by more than 20%.

There will be no change to the following fees and categories:

First member: $150
Each additional member: $75

Student chapter adviser
Each member: $100

Each member: $25

Writers wing
Each member: $50
Non-APSE member organizations: $75

Each member: $30

Associate member
Each member: $395