By John Bednarowski

APSE Third Vice President

Marietta Daily Journal


As the calendar turns to September, and football begins in full force, nearly every newspaper in some shape or form put together a preseason preview.

For many of us, especially smaller papers, it is the largest project we undertake each year. So now it is time to share that work with your colleagues so we can learn from/steal your best ideas and make our future sections better.

When I joined the organization, then Third Vice President Toby Carrig offered a football preview section exchange. It’s time to get that jump-started again.

The exchange is open to any and all papers – members and non-APSE members — regardless of circulation size interested in trading sections.

In order to participate:


1. Send 15 or 20 copies of your football preview section by Oct. 1 to:

John Bednarowski

Sports Editor

Marietta Daily Journal

580 S. Fairground St.

Marietta, Ga. 30060


2. In order to receive a selection of copies in return include one of the following:

A. Address with FedEx customer shipping number for return charges.

B. Address with UPS customer shipping number for return charges.

C. A self-addressed stamped envelope with $10 worth of postage.


The plan is to have all issues collected, separated, boxed and shipped back to you by Halloween so you can start planning next year’s issue as soon as possible.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or at


Thank you for your interest. Look forward to receiving your package of preview issues.