From and to the New Orleans airport
To get from the airport to The Roosevelt hotel (and back), the hotel concierge recommends using cabs.
Rate is $36 flat fee for 1 or 2 people; $15 per person for 3 or more.
Concierge recommends you don’t use a shuttle because of the length of time it takes to get from the airport. The shuttle fee is $24 per person. The shuttle service is called Go Airport Shuttle.
A private car can be rented through the hotel for $107 for the trip from the airport in, usually for a maximum of three people; $155 for an SUV
 New Orleans by Streetcar
(Courtesy of Greg Brownell)
New Orleans is served by four streetcar lines, and three of them stop within walking distance of our hotel – The Roosevelt. They may be useful in reaching some destinations, or as a nostalgic way to travel through the historic neighborhoods of the city.
Getting on board
One-way fare: $1.25, payable at the fare box next to the driver upon entrance. Exact change is required. If you are transferring to another streetcar or bus as part of a continuous trip, pay an extra 25 cents and tell the driver you’re transferring.
Day pass: It’s called the “Jazzy Pass” — a magnetic card that activates upon first usage. The one-day pass is $3; the three-day pass is $9.  The one-day pass (but not the three-day) can be purchased from a streetcar driver. Either can purchased through the New Orleans RTA website ahead of time, as a mobile app through the website, at a local Walgreen’s store (there is one around the corner from us) or at one of their Ticket Vending Machines (there is one near Canal and Bourbon streets). The Jazzy Pass is good on local buses as well as streetcars, but not the ferry.
Hours: All streetcars run from early morning to at least 11 p.m.Service is available 24 hours a day along Canal Street and on the St. Charles line, though it is infrequent during the overnight hours.
Where to get on: On the St. Charles line, look for a vertical post with an orange strip that reads “Car Stop.” On other lines, look for a shelter next to the spot where the vehicle stops, and/or a square-ish sign designating the route.
The vehicles: These are heritage streetcars designed for an old-time feel, so you’re buying into a retro experience (they are not purely tourist attractions, however – you’ll see locals using them to commute). They are not terribly fast and make frequent stops. Streetcars on the St. Charles line date from the 1920s and do not have air conditioning. Streetcars on other lines are built to look like old-time vehicles and do have modern amenities, such as air conditioning and handicap access.
The Routes
Canal Street: This line runs in the median of Canal Street, a major thoroughfare on the Northeast side of our block. In one direction it will take you to the Mississippi River waterfront, the ferry terminal and Harrah’s Casino. Going the other way, half the cars to go the historic cemeteries, while the other half branch off to City Park (note the destination sign in the front window).
 Rampart/St. Claude: The newest line in the system, it starts at Union Passenger Terminal (Amtrak and Greyhound), passes about a block north of our hotel and continues on to the South 7th Ward neighborhood.
St. Charles: The best-known and oldest line in New Orleans, the iconic green St. Charles streetcars travel through many historic parts of the city. It’s the real deal when it comes to old-time streetcars. You can catch it 2 1/2 blocks south of our hotel at the corner of Carondelet and Canal streets (our side of the Canal, just before the tracks briefly turn onto Canal). This line passes within a block of the D-Day Museum.
Riverfront: This line runs along the Mississippi River and is mostly aimed at the tourist crowd. Combined with the Canal Street line, it can get you to the far end of the French Quarter.
Useful Links
Route Map: Click the boxes underneath the map in this link to see the routes taken by various lines:
Fares: To purchase fares online:
More Info
If you’d like more specific information about mass transit in the New Orleans area, feel free to email Greg Brownell of the Glens Falls Post-Star at


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