Longtime Cleveland Plain Dealer sports editor Roy Hewitt, an APSE stalwart who served as our organization’s Olympics committee chair for 12-plus years, passed away peacefully Tuesday, Sept. 1, with his family by his side. A tribute is in the works, but here are the heartfelt sentiments posted by Stephanie Kuzydym on Facebook.


Ladies and gentleman, please raise your next glass of Jack, bourbon or red wine to Roy Hewitt.

“Roy loved looking at the skies and stars, a dreamer if you will, one that inspired dreaming in the most important people in his life. Now he rests amongst those skies and stars.”

His family wrote that.

He inspires so many of us to be better journalists.

Hell, he changed my whole career with five words: Zig when everyone else zags.

He could cook up a storm, drank damn good red wine and loved appetizers and a glass of Jack, on the rocks, with a splash of water. Just a splash.

He loved country music: from Lady A to Arlo Guthrie.

He was a southern gentleman who worked at the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Cleveland Plain Dealer as a sports editor. He always had a great story about the Olympics or an APSE convention. I heard many of them over blueberry pecan waffles or a very large pour of red at his kitchen table.

He retired in 2012 and traveled with the love of his life, Linda. They escaped the cold Cleveland winters to Biloxi. He loved to visit his daughter, Carey, and son, Randy, too.

And he was a listener. A damn good one. Ten years ago, at an APSE convention, I was a junior in college and the convention photographer in Salt Lake City. I was covering the mentor/mentee event. Just like Roy, I love appetizers. So I grabbed some and set my camera down on the table while I waited for the room to fill, but someone was already standing at a table. We locked eyes. He smiled at me. The rest is history. We joked that it would make a great country music mentor anthem. But in all seriousness, for the last decade, any time I called — any time of day, no matter where he was, he answered and he listened. God bless, Roy Hewitt. The man knew how to live.

What dream did Roy inspire in you?

Here is quintessential Roy: a glass of superb red wine on an adventure with Linda.

*Many of you know his family lived in Cleveland for the last 30 years. They recently moved so if you’d like to send a card, please let me know and I’ll share the address with you in a message.

Here is a link to the obits notice in the Plain Dealer:


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