Name: Eric Robinson
Position sought: NFL/CFB/NBA beat writer
Contact email:
Contact phone number: 302-423-3216

Summary: I am an aspiring sports journalist that possesses not only the
desire to be an excellent journalist but
the ambition to pursue my dream even during my current circumstances. I am
currently an active duty member of the United
States Air Force, stationed at Dover Air Force Base, serving seven and a
half years in the enlisted military. I have obtained a year and a half
experience of freelance writing
for platformers such as Fansided-NFL Mocks, Fansided-Blogging Dirty (Atlanta
Falcons beat writer), Real Sports & Entertainment Network,
and Fox Sports 1340AM – Hopewell, Virginia. Due to my military obligations,
my physical presence for journalism assignments have/will be
limited, however that has not stopped me from publishing columns on a
frequent basis with the usage of my sports knowledge and passion
for issuing quality material for readers. I am seeking a beat writing
position for NFL, College Football, and/or NBA. As stated before, I have
for tasks to be carried out physically but I yearn to make the best of my
circumstance to be a prominent member of the sports journalism field.

Here are a few links to my work:

Along with my attached resume file at the top.
Thank you for your time and consideration,

Eric Robinson

Robinson resume 2 Apr2016