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Please consider this an application for APSE membership for JohnCanzano.com.

  • The publication focuses on sports coverage. This includes coverage of the Pac-12 Conference and Pacific Northwest teams and sports news. This includes, but is not limited to commentary, breaking news, features, investigative, projects and sports photography.
  • The reach of JohnCanzano.com includes 2.96 million page views from March 11, 2022, to
    November 11, 2022. It includes 20,892 individual daily subscribers. The reach on social media
    extends to 70,400 Twitter followers and more than 16,000 followers on the Facebook page.
  • APSE is the standard by which the sports media industry is measured. I’ve been a former
    member of APSE at each of the six daily newspapers I previously worked for. Like APSE itself, I
    strive to cover sports on a daily basis, improve professional standards, resolve issues in the
    industry and pursue excellence in sports writing.

Website: www.JohnCanzano.com