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2020 RATES

A – Over 250,000 circulation; stand-alone websites with more than 2 million unique monthly visitors; national magazine individuals; wire service individuals
First member: $325
Each additional member: $75

B – 100,000-250,000 circulation; stand-alone websites with 750,001 to 2 million unique monthly visitors
First member: $250
Each additional member: $75

C – 40,000-100,000 circulation; stand-alone websites with 250,000 to 750,000 unique monthly visitors
First member: $175
Each additional member: $75

D – Under 40,000 circulation; stand-alone websites with under 250,000 unique monthly visitors; weekly newspapers
First member: $115
Each additional member: $50

First member: $150
Each additional member: $75

Student chapter adviser
Each member: $100

Each member: $25

Writers wing
Each member: $50
Non APSE member organizations: $75

Each member: $30

Associate member

Each member: $395