The Associated Press Sports Editors, the National Association of Black Journalists Sports Task Force, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists Sports Task Force and the Asian American Journalists Association Sports Task Force condemn the sexual harassment that NFL reporters Rhiannon Walker and Nora Princiotti detailed in the Washington Post’s Thursday report about the toxic culture within the Washington NFL organization.

Rhiannon and Nora, along with 15 women who worked for the team, were brave to share their stories, and we stand with them. We also stand with the Association for Women in Sports Media in insisting the Washington NFL team be transparent and allow present and former employees to participate in a third-party investigation without reprisals.

Women reporters are frequently subjected to demeaning behavior on the job and in the workplace, and misogynistic attacks on the internet. This needs to stop.

We proudly stand with our colleagues and will do everything within our power to defend them and hold those responsible accountable for these actions while bringing about the type of transformative change that is long overdue.

APSE, the NABJ Sports Task Force, the NAHJ Sports Task Force and the AAJA Sports Task Force are committed to ensuring that women reporters can do their jobs free of harassment. We are here to offer support.


Lisa Wilson, APSE president

A. Sherrod Blakely, NABJ Sports Task Force president

Iliana Limon Romero, NAHJ Sports Task Force lead

Victoria Lim, AAJA Sports Task Force chair