This application for APSE membership by Legacy Hockey will remain on this website for 10 days for review by APSE members. Then it will be voted on by members of the executive committee; a majority must vote to approve for the site to be granted APSE membership.

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Our tagline is “Minnesota’s No. 1 resource for high school hockey’s past, present and future.” We live up to that self-billing by offering an assortment of historical content along with comprehensive daily coverage all 148 Minnesota boys’ high school teams along with frequent looks ahead to future st

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Legacy Hockey has been in existence for three years but really only ramped up to full-on coverage this winter. We had 43,000 users, 90,000 sessions and 314,000 pageviews during the four-month boys’ hockey season that starts in mid-November. That’s a 200 percent increase in users and 300 percent increase in sessions and pageviews over the same period the previous year. We fully expect those numbers to increase as much or more in the coming year as we continue to ramp up coverage through the spring, summer and fall. Our Twitter following also doubled during the season, and we currently sit at 2,600 followers.

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As a past member of and two-time region chair for APSE I’ve found much of my inspiration for great reporting, storytelling and design through regional meetings, summer conferences and winter judging. Through APSE I’ve also met some incredibly sharing, ridiculously talented people who have served as mentors, sounding boards and lifelong friends.

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Legacy Hockey is similar to (but much more robust than) the old Minnesota Hockey Hub, a website that was approved for APSE membership a decade or so ago and was a member in good standing until my departure from that organization.

Thank you for your consideration,
Loren Nelson