1. MaxNewsToday is an online news service that provides Editorial Journalism and Photography. This site focuses mostly on social commentary and news analysis of current events. Our writers take on politics, social justice, sports and empowerment issues. We have a diverse staff of eight at the moment that includes 7 writers and one web designer. 

2. The site launched on May 26, 2020. Here are our Unique Visitors/Page Views statistics by month. As you can see, we have experienced remarkable growth month over month. This has been accomplished through a grassroots social-media marketing effort. Not a single penny has been spent on marketing yet.

May: 234/1,173
June: 4,554/7,586
July: 14,637/19,586
August: 30,875/39,306
September: 51,224/66,255
October (through Oct. 10): 118,874/159,289

3. I have been a sports reporter and editor on and off for the last 22 years. I have always respected the work APSE has done. Furthermore, I worked with APSE President Todd Adams when I was a metro staff writer at the San Diego Union-Tribune, where I covered military affairs. I respect him personally and the commitment he brings to the organization. 

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Nathan Max


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