By Reina Kempt

Eric Jackson is reporter and editor for the Lake City (Fla.) Reporter.

What’s your dream job/ultimate goal in career field?

I’m not too sure right now. I’m still trying to figure that out myself. Whatever the goal is, I want to do it at a high level, for sure. It’s more about overall group effort than any individual accolade to me. It’s also about supporting my family and being an exceptional journalist.

What is your favorite sport to watch, cover and play?

Basketball is my first love, for sure.

What was the most memorable story, feature or game you’ve ever covered?

A column I wrote that I enjoyed about a young lady who had terminal cancer and it was about being grateful about your situation because there are always people who have it worse than you.

What is the most challenging thing about being a sports reporter/editor today?

Job security is always at the top of many journalists’ list. We all have to deal with that.

One thing you want to see sports journalism evolve into?

Being in the diversity program, it’d be nice to see more people of color. Not just journalists but in positions of power. It’s important to have that mixed, eclectic group.

Where did you grow up?

I’m from Atlanta, so I look forward to the convention this summer as a chance to go back home.

What’s one major sporting event you hope to cover one day

The Super Bowl would be nice. It was in Atlanta (this year) so I was kind of bummed I wasn’t able to be there. But it’s always been on my list. Going to a Grand Slam (tennis tournament) would be cool, too.

In this hypothetical Super Bowl, who’s in it and who wins?

Falcons vs. Patriots rematch and Atlanta actually beats the Patriots this time.

What’s the one thing you hope to gain from the fellowship?

I started looking at my career more holistically, more than just the byline and the words but how does it all come together with advertisements and the business side of it. Really understanding the ins and outs of how it all actually goes down.


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