Some years ago, my predecessor Gerry Ahern challenged APSE members to each sponsor one young person as a student member.
The student sponsorship initiative was successful, but, alas not sustained. Membership among students has dropped sharply in the years since.
As your president, I ask your help in kick-starting that effort again. And there’s more value for student members than ever before.
Details of the first APSE Student Sports Journalism Contest have been released, and that contest will take place this year. I am hopeful that it will become THE contest for college sports journalists, that it will encourage those pursuing this field to improve and expand their abilities, and that it will give them something for which to strive. It should also help us identify the best young sports journalists as they enter the job market.
By sponsoring a student, you will be making him or her eligible to enter this contest and to really be a part of APSE.
And it only costs $25. The price of a dinner out, maybe, about the same as going to a movie and buying popcorn, a soft drink and some Red Hots.
I have already sponsored a student for this year, and I ask you to do the same. You’ll be doing that young person a favor, helping APSE and doing your part in investing in the future of this business.
Maybe you have a sharp current or former intern, or a student stringer. If not, reach out to a nearby university and ask for candidates, or call up someone at your alma mater. It’s worth the effort.
It’s very simple. Follow the link below, scroll down to student membership and … you know the rest.
I urge you to invest $25 in a student journalist. It is an investment in APSE, and in the future of our industry.
Thank you.
Tommy Deas
Executive Sports Editor
The Tuscaloosa News
President, APSE



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