Minutes of the APSE Winter Conference opening meeting


Meeting called to order by APSE President Jeff Rosen at 4:09 p.m.


Introduction of officers and past presidents in attendance:

Jeff Rosen, president

John Bednarowski, first vice president

Todd M. Adams, second vice president

Robert Gagliardi, third vice president

Bill Eichenberger, Executive Director

Glen Crevier, Conference Coordinator

Tommy Deas, past president

Mike Sherman, past president

John Cherwa, past president

Gerry Ahern, past president


Roll call of regions

Atlantic Coast – Dan Spears

Great Lakes – Glen Crevier

Great Plains – Jeff Rosen

Mid-Atlantic – Ron Fritz

Northeast – Justin Pelletier

Northwest – Paul Barrett

Southeast – Joe Schielfelbein

Southwest – Jim Lefko

West – Matt Traub


Executive Director report – Bill Eichenberger

We’re getting pretty low money. We need to find a way to make more.


Jeff Rosen passes out wireless instructions.


Mike Sherman gives us the rules for judging at Poynter and thanks the Poynter folks for letting us use their facilities this week.


Committee updates

Summer conference in Nashville

Winter conference next year in Orlando

Summer conference in 2019 – Looking like Atlanta

Beyond that – Pursuing ideas. Some progress has been made.


Commissioners meeting – Gary Potosky

April 19 and 20 in New York. Schedule is nearly set.


Contest improvements – Justin Pelletier

Committee has made progress. Some ideas, including a more digital focus and a possible reconfiguration of contest categories, has been discussed.

Would like to get a feel for ideas this week and talk about making changes at the summer conference.


Diversity – Jorge Rojas sent report

2018 diversity fellows introduced. We need more money. Michael Peters talks about the process for applying for grants and the problems APSE faces in doing so.


Legal affairs – John Cherwa and Gerry Ahern

John says Super Bowl has now been classified as a terror threat, which explains the new, tougher security protocols. We objected but the NFL doesn’t care.

Gerry says they are working with the NCAA again to make sure we are properly taken care of.

Olympics – Jorge Rojas, sent a note

Some notes on credentials for Korea. Seems like it went went well. We’ll be looking for a new Olympics chair. This is a big job. We all miss Jorge.


Outreach – Chris Fickett and Mike Kates

Jeff says our outreach chairs have been doing talking to former members, trying to get them back.

Also, he says we should be going after more student chapters.


Red Smith Award – Jack Berninger

Ballots are out and voting is underway.


Regions – Dana Sulonen

There will be a Southeast Region Vice-Chair vote soon.


Scholarship – Phil Kaplan

Phil sent a note thanking Joe Sullivan for chairing this in the past and having it set

After that note was read, it was mentioned that the deadline for the four $1,500 scholarships are June 1. Details will allegedly be on the apse website soon.


Revenue – Tommy Deas

Tommy’s been doing a great job getting money for future conventions. We need sponsorships to survive.


Website – Gary Potoski

Chris White has been doing an amazing job (for free) of updating the website over the past year. Gary has been helping out a hell of a lot, too. Both deserve a shoutout. It looks so much better.

Mike Sherman proposed that the past presidents help update the old website pages.


Writers – James Crepea

James isn’t here. He’s been head of this committee for quite some time and has asked that someone else take the baton. Erik Hall said he might know some candidates.


New business

Election for second vice president – there will be call for nominations at the closing meeting. Elections will take place shortly after.


Student chapters – University of Alabama has been admitted.


Directory – Jeff says it would be great if we could get that a pdf. of the directory. Dana said she’d take care of it.


Convention – Dave Ammenheuser says the Nashville Summer Conference is coming along great. We at the Marriott. Plans for the Grand Ole Opre and maybe a Jack Daniels Distillery Tour.


Juding committee assignments – John Bedarowski handed them out along with some instruction on how to judge.


Gerry Ahern made a motion to adjourn.

Tommy Deas seconded said motion.


Meeting is adjourned


List of meeting attendees:

Joseph Schiefelbein, The Advocate

Dave Ammenheuser, USAT-Tennessee

David Humphrey, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Alex Mena, Miami Herald

Paul Barrett, Seattle Times

Adam Coleman, Houston Chronicle

Reina Kempt, The Advocate

Kwani Lunis, NBC Sports Boston

Erik Bacharach, USAT-Tennessee

Keith Pearlman, The Villages Daily Sun

Nick Feely, The Villages Daily Sun

Bill Bootz, The Villages DailySun

Tommy Magelssen, The Dallas Morning News

Jori Epstein, The Dallas Morning News

Matt Traub, The Salt Lake Tribune

Naila Meyers, The New York Times

Alex Iniguez, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Glenn Yoder, The Washington Post

Tony Maluso, Dalton Daily Citizens,

Derrick Wess, Chillicothe Gazette

Michael Phillips, Richmond Times-Dispatch

Josh Barnett, Buffalo News

Malcolm Mora, IUPUI

Mike Sherman, Tampa Bay Times

Joe Sullivan, Boston Globe

Glen Crevier, Minneapolis Star Tribune

Scott Thurston, Boston Globe

Ron Fritz, Baltimore Sun

Dan Spears, Wilmington Star News

Justin Pelletier, Lewiston Sun Journal

Dana Sulonen, Detroit Free Press

Chris Thomas, Detroit Free Press

Hugh Kellenberger, Jackson Clarion Ledger

Jonathan Heeter, Daily Press

Owen Hassell, Wilmington Star News

Gary Potosky, Philadelphia Inquirer

Larry Graham, Toledo Blade

Jim Lefko, San Antonio Express-News

Hank Winnicki, Newsday

Otto Strong, ESPN

Tommy Deas, Tuscaloosa News

Maria McCllusin, Bryan College Station Eagle

Barry Bedlan, The Associated Press

Erik Hall, OutSports

Elaine Sung, APSE guest (formerly of espn.com)

Jennifer Armstrong, Nola.com/Times-Picayune

John Cherwa, L.A. Times

Michael Peters, Tulsa World

Bill Speros, USA Today/Golfweek

Gerry Ahern, USA Today/Golfweek

Mike Sansone, Chicago Tribune

Scott Monserud, Denver Post

Ted Kian, Oklahoma State University