APSE Executive Committee opening meeting

46th Annual APSE Summer Conference, Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Omni Hotel and CNN Center

Meeting called to order at 11 a.m.

President Todd Adams introduces himself and:

First Vice President Lisa Wilson

Second Vice President Gary Potosky

Third Vice President Dan Spears

Executive Director Bill Eichenberger

Conference Coordinator Glen Crevier

Past presidents present:

Sandy Rosenbush, New York Times, now ESPN (1992-93)

Bill Eichenberger, Newsday (2003-04)

Glen Crevier, The Star Tribune of Minneapolis (2005-06)

Gerry Ahern, USA Today, now Gambling.com (2012-13)

Phil Kaplan, Knoxville News-Sentinel, now USA Today Network — Tennessee (2010-11)

Mike Sherman, The Oklahoman, now The Tampa Bay Times (2014-15)

Tommy Deas, The Tuscaloosa News, now USA Today Network — The Tennessean (2016-17)

John Bednarowski, Marietta Daily Journal (2018-19)

Region representatives:

Atlantic Coast: Brett McCormick (Sports Business Journal)

Great Lakes: Larry Graham (Toledo Blade)

Great Plains: Matt Stephens (Denver Post)

Mid-Atlantic: Tony Maluso (Citizens’ Voice)

Northeast: Justin Pelletier (Boston Herald)

Northwest: Paul Barrett (Seattle Times)

Southeast: Perryn Keys (The Advocate)

Southwest: Nick Talbot (San Antonio Express-News)

West: Bill Bradley (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Representing the Associated Press: Oscar Dixon

Finances and budget update (Bill Eichenberger)

No updates

Conference update (Glen Crevier)

Crevier: Putting out this conference is a team effort

2020 Winter Conference and judging:

Dates are Saturday, Feb. 15 through Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020, at the Hampton Inn in St. Petersburg, Fla. Room rate $179

Working out logistics for judging because we won’t be using Poynter Institute.

Seeking feedback for future conferences.

2020 Summer Conference: Indianapolis. Dates are June 24-27 at The Alexander Hotel.

2021 Summer Conference: checking on Las Vegas

2021-2023 Winter Conference and judging: Doubletree in Orlando.

Other committee reports:

Commissioners (Potosky) –

No update from Sunday

Contest (Lisa Wilson) –

Begin digital contest July 1, seeking digital judges. Email to apsecontest@gmail.com

Need passwords for paywalls

Diversity fellows will stay on and judge in the digital

Diversity (Larry Graham)

Fellows graduating tonight, fantastic nine months

Futures (Michael Peters)

Michael did not attend, left theses notes:

After taking some time over the last few days to consider our foundation, I’ve come to realize I’ve been thinking about the topic too narrowly. While starting a foundation will make available revenue streams we haven’t had access to in the past, it won’t be a cure-all. We will be one of many groups seeking support from the same handful of journalism organizations.

With that in mind, we probably need to think about fundraising in a more broad manner. Here are some thoughts and questions I’ve had:

Individual fundraising campaign: Once our foundation gets clearance, we should kick off an individual fundraising campaign. Create information and perhaps a video to tell people what we’re trying to do and solicit donations from members of our group and all our friends, family, enemies, etc. Maybe we print shirts and give one to anyone who donates more than $50. Maybe we give convention registration to every APSE member who donates more than $300. But we will need some infrastructure in our foundation to organize this kind of campaign and someone to learn more about taking donations, sending out receipts, determining value for tax purposes, etc.

Soliciting businesses: Beyond journalism organizations, we can solicit businesses to help our cause – especially those who have a history of supporting journalism and diversity issues.

Convention sponsors: Would we be interested in asking our convention sponsors to donate to the foundation? For example, if a sponsor donates $5,000 to the convention now, would we next year ask them to give $4,000 to the convention and donate $1,000 to the foundation as part of their sponsorship? Might that help us generate additional sponsors?

Fundraising event: The non-profits I have the most contact with (mainly the foundation that supports my children’s school) has one big fundraising event every year. In their case, it’s a themed gala. Other groups have golf tournaments, etc. Would we want to turn the APSE Awards Banquet into the APSE Awards Banquet and Foundation Gala? Can we or do we want to solicit items for an online auction and/or live auction at the awards banquet (would Dave be willing to donate a week at his beach house; would Kent Babb donate a dinner with APSE members/fans; would the MLS donate a signed soccer ball or tickets to its championship game; a subscription to The Athletic; a framed copy of a Boston Globe Red Sox World Series championship page, etc.?) I believe there are companies that specialize in providing items (trips, etc.) for charity auctions. But we would need to research best practices and would likely need to market such an auction to a broader audience than just our members.

Futures committee and the foundation: Once the foundation is created, what role will the Futures Committee serve? Do you see the Futures Committee becoming a committee that serves the foundation or do you see the foundation board/volunteers doing the fundraising work and the Futures Committee going back to APSE items (like a possible name change, etc.)?

From Mike Harris: Looking to develop a mentorship program for young sports editors, led by Mike. Hope to have something set up that we can talk about at the judging in February and proceed with setting up first class.

Harris: Reach out to Mike via email, social media, if you want to be a mentor, or if you want a mentor. As we come up with a plan, we’ll start to assign and get moving. Can be very beneficial as the industry changes

Legal affairs and ethics (Gerry Ahern)

No updates

Olympics (Mark Faller)

Anyone need clarity on coverage or credentials, Mark has document to share

Outreach (Chris Fickett)

No update

Red Smith Award (Jack Berninger) –  NOT ABLE TO ATTEND

Todd created website for the Red Smith awards, redsmithaward.com, with great help from Larry Graham and diversity fellows. Maybe 20 percent done, but wanted to create a Heisman Trophy type page for the awards. Lot of work to do, need stories written about past winners. Looking for any info on candidates — photos, videos. Should be a nice addition to the site, hopefully by judging 2020.

Photos of past winners and videos, send to Larry.

Regions (Robert Gagliardi) –

No updates. Region caucuses were this morning. Send new info to Robert, start planning ahead for meetings so everyone knows

Revenue (Tommy Deas) –

Sponsors were pleased, expecting them to be sponsors again next year.

Scholarship (Phil Kaplan)

Grad students to be eligible for contest next year.

Potosky: Looking to better communicate contest to students so more participate.

Student Liaison (Malcolm Moran)

No report.

Website (Gary Potosky) –

Gary will attempt to create a newsletter that will go to members’ emails, starting by end of summer. The newsletter will include updates on issues facing APSE that were unresolved or had a longer timeline that the most recent national gathering. It will also include links to stories that are not readily found any longer on the website, the president’s column when there is one, and a call-out for ideas and suggestions.

Writers (Joey Chandler) — did not attend

No report.

Old business:

— VOTE ON MOVING FORWARD WITH 501-c-3 organization. The cost is $4000, but we can begin applying for funds as soon as the 1023 is filed.

*** vote unanimous in favor.

— VOTE ON New Bylaw proposal:

RESOLVED, upon adoption of this resolution, the APSE bylaws shall be changed in the following manner:

Under 3. OFFICERS AND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, after Section F, add the following section:

G. Any officer, region chair or committee chair who involuntarily loses their full-time job may ask the Executive Committee for permission to continue in their role for up to six (6) months. A two-thirds majority of those voting shall decide the issue. The officer, region chair or committee chair in question will be ineligible to vote.

If said officer, region chair or committee chair is allowed to continue in their role by the Executive Committee, he or she may not work for an employer outside the scope of APSE membership under 2 (A) of these bylaws during the six-month period. If said officer, region chair or committee chair is not employed within the scope of APSE membership under 2 (A) of these bylaws by the end of the six-month period (said period to have started on the day the person became unemployed), that person’s position shall be considered vacant.

If the APSE president is the officer in question, the first vice president will assume the powers of the president for the purposes of conducting such a vote.

Re-letter the current Section G to become Section H.

***** Unanimous pass, general vote

New business:

Phil remarks that new members should seek to join APSE private Facebook page.


3 on 3 basketball meets at 12:30, 1-3 at Georgia State

Stadium tour meets 12:20, walk to stadium

Motion to adjourn

Matt Stephens motion 11:24

Chris Thomas seconded 11:24

Meeting adjourned at 11:24 a.m.


Nicole Saavedra (USAT — Tennessee)

Dave Ammenheuser (USAT)

Phil Kaplan (USAT — Tennessee)
Chris Thomas (Detroit Free Press)
Howie Rumberg (AP)
Larry Graham (Toledo Blade)
Michael Giarusso (AP)
Paul Barrett (Seattle Times)
Alex Mena (Miami Herald)
Matt Stephens (Denver Post)
Nick Talbot (San Antonio Express-News)
Mark Faller (Arizona Republic)
Donn Walden (Toledo Blade)
Jake Adams (Carlisle Sentinel)
Tony Maluso (Citizens Voice)
Jane Havsy (Daily Record / NJ)
Chris Imperiale (Scranton Times-Tribune)
Nick Feely (Villages Daily Sun)
Glenn Yoder (Washington Post)
Bret McCormick (The Herald / NC)
Ethan Joyce (Winston-Salem Journal)
Naila-Jean Meyers (NY Times)
Barry Bedlan (AP)
Steve Hemphill (Roanoke Times)
Jorge Rojas (The Athletic Florida)
Kevin Spain (The Athletic DC)
Chris Boan (Tuscon Media)
Lee Horton (Lewiston Sun Journal)
Robert Gagliardi (Laramie Boomerang)
Justin Pelletier (Boston Herald)
Bill Bradley (LV Review-Journal)
Bill Speros (USAT Golf Week)
Eric Kolenich (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
Rachel Crader (Lee Enterprises)
Normal Gonzalez (Arizona Daily Star)
Perryn Keys (The Advocate, La.)
Nate Scott (USAT)
Jimmy Hascup (USAT)
Joe Baird (Salt Lake Tribune)
Mike Sherman (Tampa Bay Times)
Mike Kates (Gambling.com)
Tommy Deas (USAT — Tennessean)
Sandy Rosenbush (ESPN)
Gerry Ahern (Gambling.com)