's Mary Byrne opens her first meeting as APSE president.’s Mary Byrne opens her first meeting as APSE president.


Minutes from APSE Executive Committee Meeting.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Westgate Hotel, San Diego, California

President Mary Byrne presiding.


Meeting called to order at 10:04 a.m.


Roll called for region representatives and past presidents (quorum was established).


Region representatives

Atlantic Coast: Steve Hemphill, The Roanoke Times

Great Lakes: Loren Nelson, Sport Ngin/Minnesota Hockey Hub,

Great Plains: Chris Fickett, Kansas City Star

Mid-Atlantic: Matt Vita, The Washington Post

Northeast: Jim Luttrell, New York Times

Northwest: Robert Gagliardi, The Wyoming Tribune Eagle

Southeast: Chris White, The Louisville Courier-Journal

Southwest: Nick Talbot, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

West: Tom Moore, L.A. News Group


Current officers introduced (all were in attendance):

Mary Byrne, president,

Tommy Deas, first vice president, The Tuscaloosa News

Todd M. Adams, second vice president, The San Diego Union-Tribune

John Bednarowski, third vice president, The Marietta Daily Journal


Past presidents in attendance introduced:

Bill Eichenberger, Bleacher Report (2003)

Jerry Micco, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (2004)

Glen Crevier, The Star Tribune of Minneapolis (2005)

Phil Kaplan, The News Sentinel of Knoxville (2010)

Gerry Ahern, USA Today Sports Group (2012)

Tim Stephens, Sportsmanias (2013)

Mike Sherman of The Oklahoman (2014)


President’s opening Remarks

Special thanks to Jack Berninger, Larry Graham and Todd Adams for their work in pulling together a strong and unique lineup of learning opportunities, social engagements, networking and celebration for the 2015 APSE Conference

And we simply couldn’t have put together this program without the help of our sponsors:

The San Diego Union-Tribune


The Associated Press

The Los Angeles Times

Indiana University



Los Angeles News Group

The Salt Lake Tribune


Executive Director’s financial and conference update (Jack Berninger):

No change in financial update from opening meeting. 105 paid registered attendees. Our 2016 summer conference is set, and we have a hot lead on 2017 conference. Should know more on 2017 by the end of July.


Committee reports:

Conference (Mary Byrne): Conference is in Charlotte next year.

Commissioners (Jeff Rosen): No changes in report from opening meeting.

Contest (Tommy Deas): Moving forward with changes that were discussed in opening meeting.

Diversity (Jorge Rojas): Certificate presented to Alex Iniquez, diversity fellow (won’t be there at tonight’s awards dinner, when other three will be presented with their certificates). Will redouble our efforts with members of the diversity committee and a few others to work to identify and communicate a database for candidates so that we can try and improve our grade on the next Lapchick report. Funding for 2016 fellowship off to a good start. We want to have either a self-imposed Rooney Rule, or at least a statement from APSE of what our hiring practices should be. Main organization that has helped fund diversity program is NABJ. Marc Spears, chair of the NABJ sports task force, says a few words: Want to strengthen the NABJ-APSE partnership. Make sure we all know who qualified candidates are from their organization when we have jobs open. 

Future (Glen Crevier): No changes to report from opening meeting.

Legal affairs (Gerry Ahern): Watching Penn State situation (in regards to media contacting players’ parents without the school’s permission. APSE ready to sign Mayweather-Pacquiao letter. Will continue to meet monthly to deal with issues as they come up.

Olympics (Jerry Micco): Confirmation of housing due Tuesday. They take Visa.

Outreach (Phil Kaplan): Thanks to everyone for the tweets, photos, etc. this week. If you want to share news let him know. Let him know when you are planning a region meeting.

Red Smith Award (Joe Sullivan): No changes to report from opening meeting.

Regions (Andi Petrini): Will follow up with region chairs about this morning meetings. Let her know if there is anything you need help with. Jim Luttrell spoke, wondering if regions are still set up correctly? Is realignment needed?

Student Chapters (Tim Stephens): Four existing chapters will all be back in good standing this year. Idea to try and get APSE coming to more campuses.

Website (Tommy Deas): Had meeting with Galen Clavio, feeling we’ll be able to fix issues we’ve had. Galen speaks to group: Partnership they believe in.

Writers liaison (Mark Faller): No changers to report from opening meeting.

Writers committee (James Crepea): Any ideas how to get writers interested, let James know. He’s the guy moving forward.


Old business

Motion made by Mike Sherman to pass 2015-16 budget presented by Executive Director Jack Berninger. Seconded by Glen Crevier. Motion passed unanimously.


New business

 Motion made by Mike Sherman to split the executive director job (Jack Berninger) in two, creating a secretary/treasurer role and a convention coordinator role. Motion seconded by Jerry Micco. Motion passed unanimously. 

Motion made by Mike Sherman to appoint Bill Eichenberger as APSE secretary/treasurer. Seconded by Tim Stephens. Motion passed unanimously. 

Motion made by Phil Kaplan to accept accept The University of Alabama-Birmingham as a new student chapter. Seconded by John Bednarowski. Motion passed unanimously.


Motion made by Jerry Micco to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Steve Hemphill. Meeting is adjourned.