CURRENT POSITION: Senior Editor, Sports, ESPN’s The Undefeated

JOURNALISM BACKGROUND: Senior Editor Sports, ESPN’s The Undefeated, since 2017. Executive Sports Editor, The Buffalo News, 2011-17. Assistant Sports Editor, The Buffalo News, 2007-11. Copy editor/layout editor/Sunday editor, The Buffalo News, 1998-2007. Sports Editor, Niagara Gazette, 1997-98. Features editor, Niagara Gazette, 1996-97. Sports reporter, Niagara Gazette, 1992-96.

APSE EXPERIENCE: Olympic committee, 2013 to present. Diversity committee, 2013 to present. Scholarship committee, 2015 to present.

OBJECTIVE: Every year I seem to get the phone call. “Hi, I’m with the Sports Journalism Institute and I’m working on a story for the APSE convention bulletin.” Sadly, I know what’s coming next. “Why aren’t there more black sports editors? Why aren’t there more women?” As your second vice president, my goal is not to answer these questions but help put an end to them. To continue the efforts of Michael Anastasi, Jorge Rojas and others to promote diversity within this group and in newsrooms across the country. Diversity of thought and experience are essential for gathering news, presenting news and growing an organization. And I want APSE to grow. I’ll work to add new members, both editors and writers, while serving the current membership. I’ll do my absolute best to give back for the friendship, guidance and support I have received since joining APSE. And, if all goes well, future SJI students will have new questions to ask and new stories to write.

QUOTABLE: “Representation matters.”


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