By Jeff Rosen

APSE First Vice President

An entry by staff of the New York Times won first place for Multimedia in the Over-175,000 circulation category of the Associated Press Sports Editors’ 2016 contest.

The Times staff won for a five-part entry on the elite athletes who competed in the Rio Olympics. They will be presented a first-place plaque at the 2017 APSE banquet. The banquet and awards dinner concludes the June APSE Summer Conference in New Orleans.

Another Times entry shared runner-up honors in the category. The six-person team of Christoph Fuhrmans, Jim Luttrell, Anh-Thu Huynh, Rumsey Taylor, Sam Manchester and Josh Williams tied for second with Dave Sheinin, Jayne W. Orenstein, Dani Johnson, Emily Chow and Chiqui Esteban of the Washington Post.

Sports editors submitted a total of 26 entries in the Multimedia category this year. The contest is open to APSE members. Click here to join.

Contest chair Jeff Rosen and fellow APSE officers Tommy Deas, John Bednarowski and Robert Gagliardi numbered each entry, assuring they had been stripped of headlines, graphics, bylines and any other element that would identify the writer or news organization.

In February, preliminary judges at the APSE Winter Conference in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., and off-site around the country selected a top 10 in this category, with each judge ranking the entries in order from 1 to 10 separately on a secret ballot. Entries were given 10 points for a first-place vote, 9 points for second and so on down to one point for a 10th-place vote. The final 10 were then given to a second judging group, which ranked the entries 1-10 in the same fashion. The winner and final rankings are determined by tallying the two sets of ballots.

The winner in each category will receive a plaque at the 2017 APSE Summer Conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans June 26-29. The second- through 10th-place entrants will receive frameable certificates. (Click here to register for the conference.)

In the Multimedia category, entries are judged on the strength of storytelling. Visual and auditory quality are also considered.

The top 10 are listed below with links where possible to writers’ Twitter pages, APSE member websites and winning entries.

1- New York Times staff, 56 points, four first-place votes

The Fine Line: Simone Biles, Gymnastics

Olympic Bodies

Usain Bolt: Men’s 100 Meters

Katie Ledecky and the Eternity of 11 Seconds

Can You Beat Usain Bolt Out of the Blocks?

2- TIE Dave Sheinin, Jayne W. Orenstein, Dani Johnson, Emily Chow, Chiqui Esteban, Washington Post, 43 points, two first-place votes

Raising Gold: Katie Ledecky

2- TIE Christoph Fuhrmans, Jim Luttrell, Anh-Thu Huynh, Rumsey Taylor, Sam Manchester, Josh Williams, New York Times, 43 points

A Front Row Seat … To Misery

4- Joe Fox, Ryan Menezes, Armand Emamdjomeh, Los Angeles Times, 36 points

Every shot Kobe Bryant ever took. All 30,699 of them

5- Tim Meko, Denise Lu, Bonnie Berkowitz, Lazaro Gamio, Washington Post, 35 points

Legendary? Lousy? How (enter team here) has fared in the NFL Draft

6- Pim Linders, Keith Carter, USA Today, 33 points

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world

7- TIE Matt Pepin, Laura Amico, Elaina Natario, Russell Goldenberg, Anush Elbakyan, Boston Globe, 23 points

Experience big air

8- TIE Michael Hogue, David Moore, Damon Marx, Brian Elledge, Vernon Bryant, David Guzman, John Hancock, Dallas Morning News, 23 points

A virtual tour of Jerry Jones’ Valley Ranch office

9- TIE Joe Fox,Los Angeles Times 23 points

Pitch by pitch: How Clayton Kershaw dominates hitters

10- Nick Klopsis, Matthew Cassella, TC McCarthy, Mark La Monica, James Stewart, Newsday, 15 points

NFL Draft: Be the GM


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