APSE Executive Committee meeting
3 p.m. Wednesday, June 24, 2015
The Westgate Hotel, San Diego, Calif.

Gerry Ahern USA TODAY Sports moves to open the meeting; Don Shelton of the Seattle Times seconds

Roll call
President Mike Sherman, The Oklahoman
First Vice President Mary Byrne, ESPN.com
Second Vice President Tommy Deas, The Tuscaloosa News
Third Vice President John Bednarowski, Marietta (Ga.) Daily Journal

Past presidents
Tim Stephens
Gerry Ahern
Glen Crevier
Phil Kaplan
Jerry Micco
Bill Eichenberger

Region representatives
Atlantic Coast – Andi Petrini
Great Plains – Mike Sherman Oklahoma, MIchael Peters
Great Lakes – Loren Nelson
Mid-Atlantic – Gerry Ahern
Northeast – Jim Lutrell
Northwest – Don Shelton
Southeast – Chris White
Southwest – not represented
West – Todd Adams

Opening Remarks
Special thanks to Jack Berninger, Todd Adams, Larry Graham, Mary Byrne for their work in pulling together a strong and unique lineup of learning opportunities, social engagements, networking and celebration for the 2015 APSE Conference.

AP recognition to Oscar Dixon and Michael Giarusso

Executive Director update
Jack Berninger has informed us of his plans to retire following the 2016 Conference in Charlotte. Jack’s importance to APSE and his contribution could not be overstated.

Former presidents Glen Crevier/Phil Kaplan formed a two-person search committee and interviewed potential replacements and re-considered the needs of the organization and demands of the executive director position.

Recommendation: Split the jobs. Begin discussions with Bill Eichenberger as secretary treasurer.

Conference update
Jack: Overall details on conference, logistics and San Diego attractions

Mary: The Lab

Todd: Story/photo/social media assignments for workshops/general sessions.

Charlotte 2016 and beyond – Winter in Tampa, summer in Charlotte, 2017 winter Lake Buena Vista; negotiating for 2017 summer

Committee Reports
Commissioners (Jeff Rosen via Tommy Deas): Best attendance ever for commissioners meeting.

Contest (Mary Byrne): For discussion: the ideas of two mandatory weeks (from which to choose a section) rather than mandatory dates for daily; add explanatory back in for under-30K; multimedia split into video (short and long?) and other stuff which could include apps (no), interactive graphics); projects judged in entirety including digital as well as written; mobile to be included in “web” contest, which will now be called the digital contest: Todd M. Adams will take it toward year-round judging

Conference (already covered)

n Diversity (Jorge Rojas) — Larry Graham added to selection committee and in fund-raising role; Jorge points out need for APSE to work better with AWSM, NABJ, NAHJ and others; Diversity Day at Hampton University was held for seventh year in a row

Executive director report — budget/membership update

Futures (Glen Crevier) — nothing new

Legal affairs (John Cherwa, Gerry Ahern) — update on Penn State policy; credentialing issues including Mayweather-Pacquaio fight; meetings with NCAA media advisory group

Olympics (Jerry Micco) — Housing for Rio 2016 is now on front burner, first payment due by July 31

Outreach (Phil Kaplan) — Twitter following has grown past 13k; Facebook continues to be a valuable tool

Professional development — no update

Red Smith Award (Joe Sullivan) — voting process and transparency going well

APSE scholarships (Joe Sullivan) — winners by end of July

Regions (Todd Adams) — new chairman needed with Todd M. Adams moving into vice presidency role, Mary Byrne will appoint new chair

Student members committee (Tim Stephens) — membership down to 22 individual members, but close to 150 members when chapters are included; Is there interest in doing a student contest or having APSE members judge present student sports journalism contest? And is APSE interested in raising money for a scholarship for APSE student chapter members?

Website (Tommy Deas) — Problems persist, working with IUPUI/IU on improvements; APSE should continue to utilize Facebook for more and more

Writers liaison (Mark Faller) — openings for college basketball, auto racing and golf writers liaisons needed, issue arising with MBL availability earlier in day; Don Shelton adds new pro football writers president working with APSE on looking for solutions to access issues