If you are interested in participating in the next class of APSE’s mentorship program as either a mentor or a mentee, please contact Lisa Wilson at lisabellwilson46@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Over the past year, six pairings of young reporters and veteran editors were part of the program. Mentors and their mentees are expected to communicate regularly via email, Zoom and phone. And if conditions allow it, some face-to-face meetings can be held as well.

“The APSE mentorship program is a great way for journalists looking to take the next step in their careers to seek advice and build lasting relationships with professionals who can help guide them along the way,” said Tyler Batiste, the NBA managing editor at The Athletic, who worked with Coty Davis, a Texans and Rockets correspondent in Houston. “It’s also a fantastic avenue for more experienced journalists to learn how the industry is changing and get a feel for how other colleagues view the media landscape in the present and future. A win-win all-around.”

Many young journalists and job candidates are seeking more mentorship opportunities, and APSE is among the groups that can assist those journalists who don’t have a mentorship structure in their news organizations or are looking for an outside voice to help with career development.

“The APSE mentorship program was an amazing experience and one I’d highly suggest for anyone on the fence about participating,” said Ben Portnoy, a South Carolina football reporter for The State in Columbia, S.C., who worked with Naila-Jean Meyers, senior assistant sports editor at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis. “My monthly meetings with Naila were incredibly beneficial as we both navigated new jobs around the time we started the program. It was a safe space for each of us to bounce ideas off one another, gain insight and, for me, learn more about what kinds of steps I can take early in my career to chase goals I have for myself down the line. I can’t say enough good things about the program.”