ATLANTA — Longtime APSE secretary-treasurer Ed Storin received the Jack Berninger Award for service to the organization during the 2019 APSE Summer Conference.

APSE Executive Director Bill Eichenberger accepted the award for Storin. Here are Eichenberger’s remarks:

Before most of you were members, there was APSE and there was Ed Storin, and one seemingly could not have existed without the other. While he never officially had the title of executive director, he ran the organization with an iron fist and an incredible attention to detail.

Berninger Award winner Ed Storin

A sports editor at the Miami Herald and the 1992 winner of the Red Smith Award, Ed retired early to Hilton Head and directed his legendary energy and focus toward APSE. In that role, he mentored hundreds of sports editors, myself included, and left a legacy of service to the profession that is unmatched.

He says he’s sorry he could not be here today, but his influence on this organization remains strong. When I became executive director, Ed, who zealously guarded the APSE treasury, gave me some vintage Storin advice, telling me, “Be careful, Bill, there are a lot of people in APSE who like to spend other people’s money.”

While that was the gruff exterior he showed to many incoming officers over the years, no one cared more for the members of APSE and the organization as a whole than Ed did. So on Ed’s behalf, I’m honored to accept this Jack Berninger Award for his exemplary years of service to APSE. There will never be a more deserving recipient.


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